Leptin Diet for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult, with some foods making the process even harder. But what about the foods which actually make losing weight easier? Below are some tasty options that which will help burn that blubber. Make these foods part of your regular diet and you could be watching the pounds slip off effortlessly.




Grapefruits are a well known fat fighting food. A study conducted by the NutraVesta ProVen Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic have confirmed that adding grapefruit or grapefruit juice to your diet can result in fat loss. Research suggests that dieters who select whole citrus fruits such as grapefruit can help control over-eating, as the citrus fruit curbs their appetite.

Similarly, a 12 week study conducted by Dr Ken Fujioka, principal researcher at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic, showed that participants who ate half a grapefruit before each meal lost 3.6 pounds on average, while those participants who drank a serving of grapefruit juice three time a day lost 3.3 pounds. Many participants however, lost in excess of 10 pounds. "For years people have talked about the grapefruit diet, and some even swear by it, but now, we have data that grapefruit helps weight loss," said Dr. Fujioka.




Sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids which alter levels of a hormone known as leptin in your body. Studies suggest that leptin can have a direct influence on your metabolism which determines whether your body burns calories or stores them as fat. Omega-3 can also be useful in strengthening the cardiovascular system and can boost a persons' mood. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic conducted a study which analysed the diets of two African tribes. The first tribe frequently at fish, while the second tribe had a primarily vegetarian diet. The study's results showed that the fish eating group had leptin levels up to five times lower than the levels found in the other group.


Sardines are also loaded with protein, which helps stabilizes blood sugar levels and makes you feel fuller for longer. The other great thing about Sardines is that they are cheap and easy to find. They are also usually less full of contaminants such as mercury and heavy metals, compared to other fish. This may not always be the case however and can vary according to the brand of sardines purchased.

Sardines are known for its' strong smell and taste so if the thought of munching on a can of sardines does not take your fancy, you could also try a fish oil supplement. A study in France found that men who replaced 6 grams of fat in their diets with 6 grams offish oil supplements, had a boost in their metabolism and lost an average of 2 pounds in approximately 12 weeks.




Pumpkin is a good food to eat when trying to lose weight as it is loaded with fiber. Many studies indicate that a high fiber diet is associated with losing weight as well as other health benefits. The more fiber you consume, the less likely you are to carry excess body fat. Pumpkin contains both soluble fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer after you eat, as well as insoluble fiber which helps food move through your system.

The seeds and pulp of the pumpkin are both part of the 'super food' group that can help a person lose a significant amount of weight when they are incorporated with other healthy foods and a regular exercise routine.